Reasons to Go App

How would you like to be at the front of the queue when your customers are looking to purchase the type of products you sell? If you think an app would never apply to your business, think again.

Some Facts and Figures

Published research by The Internet Advertising Bureau (UK) shows that, on average, we spend a staggering two hours and fifty one minutes daily online….almost three hours! What is even more staggering is that, as a business, how we might not understand how to utilise these figures and how these figures should halt any reason we have for NOT deploying an app for our new and established customers.

Whats the Split?

Of that two hours and fifty one minutes spent online, the split is 1 hour 16 minutes (45%) on desktops / laptops, 1 hour 9 minutes on smartphones (40%) and 26 minutes on tablets (15%). So, as we can see, the percentage of mobile device users (SmartPhone and Tablet) are taking the lead and this is only set to increase. But, lets look at that again. 40% (!) of browsing time is from a smartphone! If as a business, we don’t address this, eventually, our competition will and that only represents a commercial decision failure. Still not convinced.

Reasons to Go App

1) Visible! To be or not to be? Lets think about this. Example: One of your clients is looking to make a new purchase. On their device they have an app that links them directly to a supplier that stock the item they are looking for. In the app, they can browse, order and even pay and without having to go search the net. What happened here? The supplier made sure that when that customer needed a product they sell, they were first in the queue. When the app is installed to the user’s device, a beautiful icon is created and placed on their desktop app page making sure the supplier is always visible to the customer. Essentially, that supplier put themselves in the way, in the way of that customer and suppliers competitors…WIN!

2) In the Pocket Marketing! A big payoff of having a mobile app is whatever information you want to get out there, think about it, promos, discounts and special offers, is all right there, right at your customer’s fingertips. With some excellent use of push notifications you are pretty much communicating with your customer directly. You can update your customers about anything you wish, whenever you wish and when you send that message, they are getting it almost instantly!

3) Give Value Get Value. Previously, in other articles, I often refer to “Customer Loyalty”.  Some of you integrate our Loyalty Point Plugin to your websites. With an app, you could send Loyalty Point updates to your customers.  When they next make a purchase through your site, they can use their Loyalty Points to save money. This increases your Customer Loyalty…and your sales!

4) Build-a-Brand. This is an important one. An app will further push you’re brand out there and help to raise awareness. In terms of brand, your app can be anything you want it to be, relevant to your business. Of course, the app should also include features that customers will use. By providing a well branded app, one that includes good functionality, your customers will be encouraged to purchase from you. When you push your brand out frequently, (a topic for another article), it makes sense that your brand will get noticed more.

5) Customer Feedback. I personally love this one. By collecting feedback I can improve software and services. This is good for me and good for my customers. I always encourage customers to do the same. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what kind of products or services you are selling. Having a channel where your customers can ask you a question about your offerings is a sure fire way of bringing them to you to make that purchase. Include such a function in an app and you have made it a whole lot easier!

6) Walk Tall, Talk Louder
Even now, apps in the smaller business can be rare. By integrating an app in to your overall marketing /  business strategy, you are quite simply standing out from your competition. Standing out from all those tiresome adverts, banners, leaflets etc. All of which, ironically, help program us to do the opposite of what in fact they were designed for…to ignore them, to throw them away. With so much noise in the advertising arena we MUST aim to be more inspired so we can stand over the shoulders of our competition.

7) One Chance, One Impression. Finally, Think about this. What impression will your customers have when they first realise you have an app, dedicated to them!