Specifically, Hybrid App Development.

With a Hybrid App, you can connect to remote information 'live'. This means that your app can connect to information that might change and when it does, the app user does not have to install anything new on their device and can carry on using it without interruption when they are on their chosen network.

For example. A Branded Hybrid Store app! The user will install the app to their device. They can create themselves an account, log in and then have direct access to the product information you wish to show in the App. They can even purchase items and process payments. The beauty of an app like this is you are linked directly to your customer, they are carrying the app around with them everywhere they go. This kind of app is optimised for mobile use and so therefore will not have the content that a full website would have, allowing the user to navigate your products more quickly and make a purchase. This is just one example.

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